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  • Criminal and civil procedures in all topics related to copyright and IP
  • Legal opinion, advice, and counselling in the field of intellectual property law
  • Investigating measures and French discovery proceedings
  • Strategic planning for protection on all media, rights checking and audits
  • Negotiation and drafting of contracts dealing with Intellectual property (licences, sales, ...)
  • Support services of small businesses and individuals in negotiating with societies of authors and collecting rights societies.
  • Customs procedure: setting up of customs supervision

Audiovisual Media: Television, radio, cinéma

Advising, negotiation, and drafting of:

  • Production and coproduction contract, contract for the transfer and licensing of copyrights, commissioning contracts
  • Contracts with societies of authors and collecting societies
  • Directors, writers, hosts contracts.
  • Transfer of personality rights

Media and publishing

  • Advising, negotiation, drafting of commissioning contracts, transfers of rights, publishing contracts, contracts of joint publication
  • General protocols, collective agreements regarding the use of the journalistic content (re-use on paper, web, bi-media, tri-media, etc… feed readers contracts)


  • Advising, negotiating, drafting of different publishing contracts, licenses, production contracts, performers contracts.
  • Negotiation, advising and writing contracts with Societies of Authors and Collecting Societies.
  • Procedures against copyright infringement.


  • Advising, negotiation, and writing photographs, models and authors contracts
  • Protection of the creations, designs and names