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  • Copyrights

    Criminal and civil procedures in all topics related to copyright and IP Legal opinion, advice, and counselling in the field of intellectual property law Investigating... Read more

  • Information & Media law

    Criminal and civil procedures in all topics related to media law and for all means of communication and for all publication contents (offences provided for in the 1881 Press... Read more

  • Trademark / Design / Domain names

    Criminal procedures, civil procedures and customs procedures for the defendants or for the claimants. Strategic planning for the national and international protection of... Read more

  • Advertising law

    Approval of new national and international advertising campaigns whether trough the medias or by other means. Advising and help with the understanding of specific regulations... Read more

  • Internet and IT

    Domain name protection and litigation Notification of illegal contents Right to reply on internet websites Social network and blog, pre-litigation and litigation procedures... Read more

  • Our practise in the field of priority issue of constitutionality

    En construction... Read more